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Steps to secure your pirate tokens offline with a paper wallet

Once you have purchased your arrr tokens from an exchange. The following steps are what I used to ensure that they are secure.” Cryptcro Barry

The following advice is from our expert but you should always do you own reserach! This information should be used as a guide.

“If you’re planning to hold arrr for a significant amount of time, then you really shouldn’t hold them in an exchange wallet.

  1. Get the full node wallet (treasure chest ) installed on your computer , also install the paper wallet. These can be downloaded from the official pirate website
  2. Put your computer into airplane mode (no internet)
  3. Generate a new wallet using the paper wallet tool
  4. Make a note (in notepad) of the new wallet address, viewingkey and spending key.
  5. Save this text file to a USB stick. You now have a new paper wallet address with viewing/spending key saved offline on a USB stick.
  6. Open the full node client (treasure chest)
  7. Import VIEWING key using the file menu. You now have your wallet loaded into the treasure chest GUI in view only mode.
  8. Click the receive tab within the treasure chest GUI and rightclick the wallet you just imported and select copy address.
  9. Now you can go to the exchange that you purchased ARRR from and withdraw to the wallet address. Start with just a 0.5 arrr withdrawal first to confirm it arrives. Once confirmed, send the rest. You can now monitor your ARRR in the treasure chest client in View only mode meaning no hackers can spend your coins. If your computer happens to get compromised. When you want to send your ARRR elsewhere, simply import your spending key into the GUI. The important thing to ensure security of your coins is to ensure that your spending key is recorded while offline and kept offline until needed. Good luck Folks!

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